PlantSwap 6 – Happy 1st Birthday To Us!

PlantSwap 06 – 26 November 2018 at Hagglers Corner

Crack open the champagne, pour yourself a glass and raise a toast to all you lovely people! Thank you everyone who has supported PlantSwap over the last year.

We have officially been going for a year and have gone from strength to strength.

Our year in numbers….

  • We have had six swaps
  • At three different city locations
  • With around 30-50 people at each swap. Multiply that by 6 swaps and a very conservative estimate is that 360 people came to PlantSwap!
  • Most people arrived (and left) with more than one plant so many more plants than that have been swapped. At a very conservative estimate of three plants per person that would be more than 1000 plants swapped!
  • Our Facebook group has more than 500 people with many more swaps arranged informally through that.
  • Oh and we now have Twitter and Instagram accounts so follow us there too! And please share our events so we can bring even more lovely people together to share in plant swapping fun.

I hadn’t worked out those figures until I wrote this post – they are astounding. Thanks folks and here’s to another great year for PlantSwap!