What is PlantSwap?

PlantSwap is a regular meet up to swap plants – sounds simple, and it is!

We organise a number of swaps over the year, keep a look out for new dates announced on our Facebook groups and on Instagram.

We are based in Sheffield, but we also have groups and run swap groups in Chesterfield, Rotherham and Doncaster, and we’re always on the look out for new venues. If you’d like us to run a swap near you please drop us a line.

So how does PlantSwap work?

It is very simple. The diagram shows how it works.

  1. Bring along any plants (house or garden), pots, small garden equipment, seeds, gardening related magazines or books and drop them off with our volunteers.
  2. Pay £3 entry* (card or cash accepted) and receive 3 entry tickets
  3. At the swap start time, give a ticket at the door and enter the room – choose 2 plants to take
  4. Exit with your 2 plants and rejoin the entry queue if you’d like
  5. Use another entry ticket to re-enter the swap
  6. Choose 2 more plants to take
  7. Exit and rejoin the entry queue if you’d like to
  8. Use your final ticket re-enter the swap
  9. Choose 2 final plants to take
  10. Take your new plants home to care for
  11. Optional – have you photo taken with your new plants for our socials, we love to show photos of happy swappers!!

If there are plants remaining when everyone has been through the swap 3 times we will invite people in to take what they’d like – but this will only been once everyone has been through 3 times. Any plants left over at the end come home with Sarah and are kept until the next swap.

*all money raised goes back into the running of PlantSwap.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about what to expect before your first PlantSwap, check out our FAQ’s.

You can also chat to us directly via social media or send us a message if there is anything else you want to know.

Come and say hello to us at a PlantSwap event!

How did PlantSwap start?

In 2017, a casual request between friends for plants to swap on Facebook led to a snowballing of requests. Friends, and friends of friends, all asking to share plants. As the arrangements got increasingly convoluted founders Sarah and Fay asked their friends at Hagglers Corner if they would host us for an in person event.

By the first plant swap we were blown away by how much of a community it had become, we’ve continued to organise swaps across Sheffield ever since (obviously with a break during COVID).

Picture of Fay and Sarah who set up PantSwap to swap garden and house plants
Co-founders of PlantSwap, Sarah & Fay

PlantSwap has gone from strength to strength since then. During the COVID lockdowns our Facebook groups really took off, with people across the region sharing tips and hints, having discussions, and when allowed swapping their plants – and this continues now between the organised swap events.

The online group really brings folk together to talk plants and arrange one to one swaps, but swap events bring us together in person to exchange plants, chat and get to know each other.

Some of the amazing volunteers at a recent swap

PlantSwap is now run by Sarah with an amazing team of volunteers – everyone in the team brings their knowledge and enthusiasm to the swaps, and we love to meet new people and welcome returning swappers – everyone involved has met through PlantSwap!!

Join PlantSwap

We are building a community of plant lovers so it doesn’t matter if you are an old hand or a complete newbie we’d love to get to know you. Everyone is welcome, and no questions are stupid questions, we were all new plant lovers once and we’re definitely all still learning!

Join one of the Facebook groups

The original (and largest) Facebook group is Sheffield; but we also have groups and run swap events in Chesterfield, Rotherham and Doncaster – join up (you’ll need to answer some questions to join, but they’re only there to stop spammers), and start swapping or asking for advice. You can also message Sarah via the groups, and find out when and where future swap events will be held.

Come to our next PlantSwap

If you live near one of our swaps, we’d love to meet you in person!

Sarah x