So How Does Plant Swap Work?

Two smiling plant swappers with their plants after Sheffield PlantSwap 09

Are you coming along to your first Sheffield PlantSwap to swap house or garden plants? Want to know what to expect, how the plant swap works and what to bring?

We love how popular swapping plants has become but popularity brings challenges too. This is our first attempt at explaining some of the things that help Sheffield PlantSwap run smoothly.

First and foremost is the principle that PlantSwap is open, inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

Fay and Sarah

We set up PlantSwap to encourage more people to enjoy and connect with plants and to help newbies get started with plants and gardening. This means that we do not do a straight up ‘plant for a plant’ exchange. You bring your plants, put them out on a table. Then at the start time you choose some new plants to take away.

What to do before the plant swap

  1. Label your plants. (Pretty please!)
    We love a mystery plant as much as the next plant hoarder but we want to be inclusive and encourage new plant parents. So if you know what type of plant is please label it.

  2. Use individual pots
    Use individual pots so they are easy for people to take away. Multiple plants in one pot or multi-pots joined together may get left or may get taken all in one go. This doesn’t mean you have to give away precious plant pots – yoghurt pots, tins and takeaway cups all recycle well as temporary containers!

  3. Prepare unrooted cuttings or cuttings in water
    Prepare cuttings by bringing these wrapped in damp kitchen towel and a plastic bag or container. This helps people get them home without damaging them.

  4. You can bring more than just plants!
    PlantSwap is not only about plants! You can bring pots, tools, seeds and anything else plant-related that you think another plant lover could re-home.

What to do at the plant swap

PlantSwap only happens because of other people’s generosity so please be super, super incredibly kind, considerate and awesome.

Fay and Sarah
  1. Suggested entry donation of £3
    Running PlantSwap costs both time and money so we suggest a £3 entry donation to cover this.
  2. Try to arrive before the start time
    You can turn up at any time during the swap but to have the full amount of choice, make sure you arrive at the beginning.
  3. Put your plants out
    Put your plants out on the tables provided. We put house plants seperately from garden plants to make it easier to browse.

  4. No swapping before the start
    We want to be fair so no taking plants before the start of the swap. We’ll give everyone a shout when that is!

  5. Choose some lovely plants to take home
    We want to spread the plant love so feel free to browse and take several plants home but please only take what you can look after.

  6. Be awesome to each other
    PlantSwap only happens because of other people’s generosity so please be super, super incredibly kind, considerate and awesome.
  7. What if I don’t have any plants?
    You don’t need to bring something to swap, instead, take what you feel you can manage and make a donation towards running costs. And by the next swap you might have some plants to bring!  
  8. Donations
    Please add a bit more to the donation pot if you are feeling all warm and fuzzy at how wonderful PlantSwap is, you didn’t bring any plants or you found a particularly amazing plant to take home.

What to do after the plant swap

Stay and chat, say thank you and follow us on social media to find out more.

  1. As you’re leaving pose with your plant (if you like)!
    Sarah will be asking people who are leaving if they are happy to be photographed with their plant. We post plants and people pictures from all our swaps on Instagram and on here on our PlantSwap gallery pages.

  2. Stay for tea, cakes and plant chat
    Don’t rush off, there are usually lots of plant people happy to chat plants, give advice and have a friendly cuppa.
  3. Say thank you in the Facebook group
    It’s nice to say post pictures in the Facebook group, Instagram or Twitter. The group is also a great place for advice and to help ID mystery plants.
  4. Get advice on looking after your new plant
    Completely at sea with owning a plant? Want to make sure that you get your new plant off to the best start? Check out our ultimate guide to keeping your house plant alive.

Still have questions about how to plant swap?

Finally, if you’ve still got questions we’ve got a FAQ here or send us a message via email or social media.

See you there!

Looking forward to seeing you at the next PlantSwap!

Fay and Sarah explaining how plant swap works
Fay and Sarah at Sheffield PlantSwap 09

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