Sheffield PlantSwap Road Trip to Nottingham

Mosaic image of various plant related craft products.

When Fay and I started looking around for other plant swaps to visit (yay! more plants!), we found that Rough Trade was hosting a plant swap in Nottingham – only an hour down the M1 from Sheffield.

Road Trip!

For those who don’t know, Rough Trade is a record store, but in the Nottingham branch they have an event space – and together with Sap Plants they were hosting a little plant swap and local craft sale.

Lightbox sign saying Swap Plants Here

Firstly, this swap was very different to our Sheffield PlantSwap. We handed our plants over at the table in exchange for a raffle ticket for each (small plants = 1 ticket, larger plants = 2 tickets); we’d only taken a few smaller succulents.

When we were there most of the plants were small, and unlabelled but the woman from Sap seemed very knowledgeable and willing to chat.

We arrived with five small plants, and left with five different ones, including a string of hearts and a some cacti and succulents for Fay’s children. We saw someone arrive with a few monstera cuttings, but since Fay currently has a small monstera jungle growing (look out for these at our future swaps), and I think the two I have are enough for me – we resisted!

Table top of plants to swap

We’d arrived early, but as we left more plants were appearing and it was starting to get busy. There appeared to be a wide range of plants, and it looked like being a good day for everyone there.

Since we were early we decided to wander round the other stalls. A number of lovely local makers, but with a plant related theme to their products.

Craft stalls

We have to give a shout out to some of the makers, especially since you also might like some of their lovely things…..

In no particular order, and if I’ve missed anyone I’m sorry….

Katrina Sophia is an illustrator and designer-maker. I love her cards and prints (I bought a wonderful card to send to a friend). I’m also trying very hard to resist the temptation to buy one of the cute little botanical ceramic necklaces.

Dolly Loves Dallas isn’t plant related, but my friends and relatives are very likely to be getting some of her products for Christmas or birthdays! The jointed paper pop culture dolls are fantastic, but for me the best things on the stall were the bunting. Illustrations of pop culture icons heads in a string – who wouldn’t want Bowie, Grayson Perry or Donnie Darko decorating their living room? I’m trying to decide which one.

I don’t have much wall space in my house, but if I did there would be space for one of the ladies in Lena’s illustrations, almost certainly the one with the monstera leaves. They’re simple yet very striking, especially the use of colours.

Another illustrator, Bethany Leah Jones is all about the plants – and to be honest I think I’d like to live in one of the rooms in her illustrations! Actually, two of them could be me, and Fay!

When you’ve got lots of plants, you need lots of pots. So we were both very taken with Sophie Jarram’s ceramic pots for succulents (we loved the jewellery too). Simple let so very stylish.

I love silver jewellery, and if it’s got a monstera shape I love it even more!! Cyrilyn Silver’s jewellery ticks both boxes, and also has some fantastic silver rings too (I couldn’t resist). For the plant lover these are a simple but beautiful way to show your love of monstera – and who doesn’t love a cheeseplant? She also does workshops if you fancy learning to make your own jewellery.

Last but not least, something that definitely appeals to me – plants you can’t kill and that don’t need watering!! Little Egg make material plants. Wonderful life like felt creations for spaces in your home were a plant might not thrive, or as a gift for that friend or relation who doesn’t have green finger.

Photo of plant swap graffiti
The amazing graffiti’d toilets at Nottingham Rough Trade – with a bonus plant swap addition!

Overall thoughts on the trip

If I were to have one criticism of the event it was that the majority of the stalls were upstairs – I’m told there is a lift, but the building didn’t really lend itself to disabled access (not a massive thing, but something we are sure we consider when choosing venues). It was definitely worth the trip down the M1, and I have a feeling you’ll be hearing about more little ‘PlantSwap Roadtrips’ in the future.

Have you been to other swaps? We’d love to hear about your experiences. What have you liked? What have you thought worked well at other swaps?

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